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Do straight teeth really make for better teeth?

Open any fashion and lifestyle magazine today and you will be bombarded with images of models and celebrities with amazing smiles. Some of these smiles are natural but others have been enhanced to improve things like colour and shape. Tom Cruise is the classic example of the type of corrective dental work that is possible. […]

When should I see a Prosthodontist?

A Prosthodontist is an expert in rebuilding damaged and worn teeth. Many older patients suffer from dental decay and today have many large and extensive dental fillings. If your problem involves more than one or two teeth, then you would benefit from seeing a prosthodontist. A general dentist is responsible for looking after your basic […]

Is it true that tooth enamel must be removed to make space for the veneers? Is this harmful to my teeth and will it make them more sensitive?

The amount of enamel we remove differs from person to person. Some patients may not need any enamel removed, whilst others may need a considerable amount removed. The reason tooth enamel is removed is to ensure that veneers can be bonded to the teeth without looking too bulky or unnatural. This procedure is not harmful […]