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Q & A's

What is dental fluorosis?

Moderate to Severe Enamel Fluorosis…. Dental fluorosis, also called mottling of tooth enamel, is a developmental disturbance of dental enamel caused by excessive exposure concentrations of fluoride during tooth development. The risk of fluoride overexposure occurs at any age but it is higher at younger ages. In its mild forms (which are its most common), fluorosis often appears […]

What is systemic flouride?

Systemic fluoride is ingested into the body when added to public and private water supplies, soft drinks and teas and is available in dietary supplement form. Once systemic fluoride is absorbed via the gastrointestinal tract, the blood supply distributes it throughout the entire body. Systemic fluorides when ingested during tooth development are deposited to some […]

Why is most of the water we drink fluoridated?

As of March 2012, artificially fluoridated drinking water is provided for 70% or more of the population in all Australian States and Territories. The acceptance of the benefits of water fluoridation occurred in Australia in December 1953, roughly two years after acceptance in the United States. Many of Australia’s drinking water supplies subsequently began fluoridation in […]

What is flouride?

Fluoride is a compound of the element fluorine, which is found universally throughout nature in water, soil, air and food. Existing abundantly in living tissue as an ion, fluoride is absorbed easily into tooth enamel, especially in children’s growing teeth. Once teeth are developed, fluoride makes the entire tooth structure more resistant to decay and […]

What’s topical fluoride, and when should I use it?

Topical fluoride is applied directly to the teeth. It is found in products containing strong concentrations of fluoride to fight tooth decay, such as toothpastes and mouth rinses. These products are then expectorated or rinsed from the mouth without swallowing. Dentists recommend brushing with a fluoride toothpaste at least twice a day or after every […]