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Benefits of dental sealants


A child’s first permanent tooth erupts into the mouth at approximately 6 years of age. It is most susceptible to decay at this time. The eruption of the first permanent tooth occurs at a time when the child skill in cleaning their teeth has not been fully developed. If the child has been exposed to systemic and topical fluoride, the smooth surfaces of the tooth will be hardened and resistant to acid attack and decay. However, the grooves on the biting surfaces of the first molar teeth are often deep and irregular and may harbour food and bacteria that cannot be easily removed. It is at these sites that extensive decay may develop causing what is commonly referred to as ‘fluoride bombs’.

Dental sealants do as the name suggests: seal the biting surface grooves. They infiltrate and fill the voids,  preventing food and bacteria from finding their way into the grooves and causing dental decay. Paired with good oral health care, sealants are 100-percent effective against cavities in teeth. These restorations are minimally invasive, safe and effective preventive procedures and are one of a number of caries preventing strategies for children.

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