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How can I check the qualifications of my dentist?


With the recent relaxation of advertising rules applied to medical and dental practice, it is now common to see Doctors and Dentists advertising in new and creative ways in an attempt to impress you and to hopefully generate an enquiry that may progress to treatment. Terms like Implantologist, Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dentist, Implant Institute are but a few of the term used to give the impression that the dentist is a ‘specialist’.  These are marketing terms and there use is an attempt to differentiate dentists from other general dental clinics.

Many dental companies also run continuing education courses directed at introducing dentists to new techniques. These courses are run, by the sponsoring company, over a couple of days and usually promote their materials and techniques.  Many dentists use these courses as justification for their ‘specialist’ or ‘expert’ standing.

True dental specialists undergo a further three years of full time study, on top of the five years it takes to get their initial dental qualification.

This is your guarantee of appropriate and quality dental advice and treatment.

If you are considering complex and expensive treatment, consider seeing a dental specialist. To find out if your dentist is a true specialist visit the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) at www.ahpra.gov.au/registers. Navigate to Registers of Practitioners and search the database for your dentist. You will find details of your dentist’s ‘recognised‘ qualifications and registration.

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