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Are implant dentures the same as normal dentures?

Implant dentures

The short answer is no. Traditional dentures are held in place by suction. The periphery of the denture seals against the gums and as the denture is seated, air is expelled and a vacuum created holding the denture in place. Any denture movement that ‘breaks the seal’ has the potential to make the denture drop. The discovery that titanium implants could fuse to bone meant that we had the possibility of anchoring traditional dentures to the jaw bone eliminating the need to create suction and improving the stability of the dentures during function.

Unfortunately, many patients hear the word ‘denture’ and when offered the choice between removable implant dentures and fixed dentures they opt for the fixed or non removable option ¬†Implant retained dentures are more stable and retentive than conventional dentures with the added advantage of being able to be removed for ease of cleaning. In some cases, the removable implant denture is the more appropriate option when compared to ‘fixed’ dentures.

The correct design of an implant supported removable denture is a key factor in minimising ongoing denture maintenance. There are many different components and designs available today. Choosing the right one is not always easy. Seek out experienced dental practitioners for the best results. Prosthodontists are experts in this field and your local dentist may choose to send you to see one if your case is difficult. Alternatively you may seek a second opinion or choose to be treated by a prosthodontist. Most prosthodontist do not require to have a referral and would be happy to provide you advice in relation to your denture problems.

All removable dentures require maintenance. In this one area, conventional dentures perform better than implant supported dentures. The treating dentist needs to be familiar with implant dentistry and restoration design to ensure you have the best experience with removable implant dentures. The difference between conventional dentures and implant supported dentures is significant and they do not deserve reputation of traditional removable dentures.

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