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When should mini implants be considered?

Dental implants

The placement of dental implants relies on the presence of sufficient bone. The implant must be encased in bone if it is to successfully support a dental restoration. Mini implants can be used as an alternative to conventional dental implants in cases where there is insufficient bone width (bone volume) and where bone grafting procedures are not considered appropriate or not desired by the patient.

Mini implants are an alternative to traditional implants where bone is limited and for use in supporting and retaining traditional dentures only. They are not recommended for single crowns or bridges…

Bone volume

They are particularly suitable as a cheap and simple alternative to conventional implants in low bone volume cases denture cases where they act as retainers for complete dentures. They are not suitable as supports for single crowns or bridges.

Being small and thinner makes them more prone to potential biomechanical problems when compared to conventional implants. Care must be taken in the planning and design stages to ensure that these implants are not overloaded as a result of poor restoration design.

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