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What’s an OPG and why should I have one?

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OPG is an acronym for ‘orthopantomograph’. An OPG machine is specifically designed to produce an OPG x-ray of the teeth, jaws and temperomandibular joints. The image provides an overview of the state of the dentition as well as information regarding the bones of the jaw (the mandible and maxilla), the sinuses in the upper jaw and the joints between the jaw and the skull (the temperomandibular joints). As such it is an excellent X-ray for providing an overview of a patient’s general dental condition. More focussed specific r-rays may be recommended to investigate areas identified in the OPG. 

An OPG is an extra oral X-ray and does not require the dentist to place film packet or sensors inside the mouth. AS a result the process of taking an OPG is comfortable when compared to other forms of dental X-rays.

An OPG is particularly useful in young children to help identify the development of the permanent teeth (mixed dental stage).

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