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Are amalgam fillings safe?

Dental amalgams (silver fillings) were first used in the 1800’s. For decades, amalgam was considered the only appropriate choice of filling material for posterior teeth. Amalgam fillings had a number of positive characteristics that made it the best material for use in these difficult and challenging parts of the mouth. These included: long-term success relative ease of placement […]

Do I need further treatment on my root filled tooth?

After the root canal treatment is completed you will need to return to your referring dentist so any temporary filling can be replaced with a permanent restoration. This will involve additional costs to you and is in addition to the cost of the root canal filling. The restoration commonly used on a root treated tooth is a […]

Can my tooth be saved with endodontic treatment?

Your endodontist will discuss with you, a realistic expectation of future success. In some cases, after careful consideration your endodontist may recommend extraction of a tooth. In such cases you will be referred back to either your referring dentist or a specialist in the relevant area to manage extraction of the tooth and, if appropriate, […]

How successful is root canal treatment?

How successful is root canal treatment? Do root canal restorations work?  When a tooth pulp becomes inflamed or infected, root canal retreatment can often solve the problem.  There are several reasons why root canals fail, but by seeking initial root canal treatment from an endodontist you can reduce the risk of root canal failure. The ultimate reason why […]

How much does root canal treatment cost?

Costs will vary and will depend on which tooth is being treated. Generally, treatment on back teeth is more complex and time consuming and hence more expensive than treatment on front teeth. Front teeth rarely have more than one canal and the cost is therefore less for these. Costs range from $1200 – $2000 depending […]

Is root canal treatment painful?

With modern techniques and advances in local anaesthesia, the vast majority of patients report that they are completely comfortable and pain free throughout treatment. You may experience some discomfort or sensitivity for a short time after the treatment. If this does occur, it is usually well managed with over the counter analgesics

What do I do if a tooth is knocked out?

If a tooth is knocked out of the mouth (avulsed) quick action can save it. Putting the tooth straight back into place in the mouth (replanting) is the best course of action. It is critical that this is done quickly. Teeth that are replanted within 15 minutes have the best chance of surviving. Follow these steps: If […]

What is root resorption?

Root resorption is the destruction or “eating away” of the tooth and /or surrounding bone, caused by the body’s defences. Infection of the dental pulp can affect the tissues around the root and cause resorption of bone at the root apex (tip of the root). This can also resorb some of the root tip itself. A knock […]