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Are tooth whitening pastes effective?


There are many tooth “whitening” toothpastes available to the public and most manufacturers produce their own particular versions of these toothpastes. Many experts believe that these labels can be misleading because these product tend not to whiten but rather simply clean the surface of the tooth. Most whitening toothpastes contain abrasive particles that help remove stains produced by food and drink and trapped on the surface of the tooth enamel. They remove these stains over time and may prevent new stains forming. They may make the teeth appear whiter but the effect is usually minimal. Given the cost of these toothpastes the benefit may justify the cost.

A study of tooth whitening toothpastes in 2011 found that most effective whitening toothpastes are generally more abrasive. Some were found to be so abrasive that they were considered potentially damaging to enamel. Prolonged use of these products could lead to the eroding of the outer enamel shell leading to sensitivity, accelerated wear and enamel thinning. This in turn could make your teeth appear less white – the opposite of the intention.

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