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What are ‘Mini dental implants’?

Mini vs Traditional

Dental implants may be divided into two categories based on the width of the device. Small diameter dental implants, most often referred to as ‘Mini Implants’, are those with a diameter less than three millimeters (3mm.) Likewise, standard or conventional implants are those implants larger than 3mm in diameter, but most commonly 4- 5mm. As a rule of thumb, Mini Dental Implants are at least half the price of conventional implants and about 1-2mm smaller in diameter.

Dental implants are extremely valuable for endentulous patients that have loose lower dentures and want a less expensive solution to secure them in place. Traditional implants are still the preferred solution for stabilising lower dentures.

Two traditional implants are all that are required to provide excellent stability and retention and most denture patients are able to have this type of dental procedure. In a small number of patients with unusual or highly resorbed jawbones, bone augmentation or bone grafting, may be required to establish sufficient bone for the placement of conventional dental implants. In these patients consideration may be given to mini dental implants.

Although not as widely utilised, many MDIs are approved to be used for fixed crown and bridge installations as well. It is my recommendation that these implants are not used for this purpose and are limited the retention of removable dentures only.

Another use for Mini Dental Implants is as temporary supports for provisional dentures or a bridge while conventional implants placed at the same time heal and fuse. This often illuminates the need for uncomfortable, removable dentures.

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