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When should I see a Prosthodontist?


A Prosthodontist is an expert in rebuilding damaged and worn teeth. Many older patients suffer from dental decay and today have many large and extensive dental fillings. If your problem involves more than one or two teeth, then you would benefit from seeing a prosthodontist.

A general dentist is responsible for looking after your basic dental care and helping you to keep your teeth for life. Good prevention and maintenance is key. However, if your teeth have been significantly affected by decay and restoration and you are interested in rebuilding your teeth and mouth, then you too are a perfect candidate for prosthodontic treatment by a prosthodontist.

If you have been wearing dentures for many years and would like an implant supported solution to secure your dentures or replace them with more life like artificial teeth, think about visiting your local prosthodontist.

Lastly if you have concerns about advice you have received regarding the condition of your teeth and any treatment recommendations, a prosthodontist can provide you with an honest second opinion.

Prosthodontists is your expert in dental restoration…

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