About Your Teeth What circumstances would make my teeth unsuitable for veneers?

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When would veneers be inappropriate solutions for my teeth?


Veneers are thin shells of dental material that are used to change the shape and colour of existing teeth. They are the dental versions of false nails. As with nails a strong and healthy base is required for the treatment to be successful over time.

In general, veneers would not be appropriate on teeth with a history of previous extensive decay, large restorations. If your teeth are heavily filled or have lost a large portion of their hard outer covering of enamel, then veneers will find it hard to stick the remaining tooth to which they are glued and may experience fractures or breakages. In addition, people who grind or clench their teeth are also advised to seek alternatives to veneers.

It is important to preserve dental enamel when preparing teeth for veneers. This is the single most important factor that influences the long term success of this type of restoration. The veneer edges must be on sound unrestored tooth structure. In poor teeth, you may wish to consider a crown over a veneer.

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