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What could be the cause of my toothache?

Tuesday February 9 is World Toothache Day – this does not mean that you should expect to wake up with a toothache nor does it mean you should wait until this day rolls around each year to get your toothache professionally examined. Instead, it’s a reminder to put off ignoring a toothache and investigate the […]

What is bruxism?

What is bruxism? Bruxism is the technical term for grinding and clenching of the teeth that may cause facial pain and tooth changes. People who grind and clench their teeth, called bruxers, unintentionally bite down too hard at inappropriate times, such as in their sleep. In addition to grinding teeth, bruxers also may bite their fingernails, […]

What are the signs of bruxism?

When a person bruxes, opposing teeth grind against each other. The tips of these teeth may flatten and wear down. This wear may involve individual specific teeth or all of the teeth. As the wear continues the inner core of the tooth (dentine) may become exposed. When exposed, dentin may cause the tooth to become […]

Causes of bruxism and suffering

People who have otherwise healthy teeth and gums can clench so often and so hard that over time their teeth become sensitive. They experience jaw pain, tense muscles and headaches along with excessive wear on their teeth. Forceful biting when not eating may cause the jaw to move out of proper balance. Bruxism is triggered […]

Is there a treatment for bruxism?

Your general dentist automatically checks for physical signs of bruxism and if it seems to be present the condition may be observed over several visits before recommending and starting therapy. The objective of therapy is to get the bruxer to change behavior by learning how to rest the tongue, teeth and lips properly. When some […]