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What could be the cause of my toothache?

Tuesday February 9 is World Toothache Day – this does not mean that you should expect to wake up with a toothache nor does it mean you should wait until this day rolls around each year to get your toothache professionally examined. Instead, it’s a reminder to put off ignoring a toothache and investigate the […]

What should I do if I injure my teeth over the holidays?

Dental injuries happen all of the time, but each year there is an observable spike in incidences of tooth and mouth injuries during the holiday season. Most cases occur in young people under the age of 15 and more commonly boys, with the leading causes being sports related injuries, vehicles accidents and assaults. Violent attacks […]

Why to avoid these popular festive drinks?

Australians like a drink. And we especially love a drink or two (or more) during the summer festive season. Not surprisingly, beer and wine are the two most popular alcoholic beverages for holidaying Australians. Whereas, the non-alcoholic drinks of choice to quench a summer thirst are soft drinks and canned iced teas.  But unfortunately, these […]

So is there really any difference in seeing a specialist dentist?

Unfortunately, the difference is not immediately obvious. So is there really any difference in seeing a specialist dentist? Well, in a word, yes. Newly qualified graduates in Dentistry, leave dental schools with a basic skill set. They can manage most general day to day dental problems. Dental specialists on the other hand concentrate on specific areas of dental […]

I can see cracks in my tooth. Should I be concerned?

I can see cracks in my tooth. Should I be concerned? Cracks in teeth are the result of various factors. The following types of cracks can affect a natural tooth: Craze lines Most adults have have craze lines and they cause little concern.  They are tiny cracks that only affect the outer enamel of the tooth, […]

What is Cracked Tooth Syndrome?

Patients sometimes complain of pain on biting.  The symptoms reported can be difficult for the patient and pose a diagnostic challenge for the dentist.  Both can become frustrated because the underlying cause of symptoms is frequently difficult to pinpoint.  Often, patients will complain of pain caused while biting or chewing.  It is frustrating for both […]

Why does my white filling hurt on biting?

Why does my white filling hurt on biting? Fillings replace damaged and diseased tooth structure. Decay and decay affected tooth structure needs to be removed before a filling can be placed. When  large amounts of tooth structure are removed from a tooth in this process, the remaining tooth structure becomes weaker and more susceptible to damage […]